Teaching is like learning twice. Each day you explore and learn something. A teacher is one who makes a classroom a learner's space where one can learn from the heart rather than their mind.

As a teacher, you are never completely prepared with all the answer which your learner will get on the table but you can help them build on their curiosity which leads them to figure out, their answer by themselves. As a teacher, I only have ask them the reason behind their wondering which will guide them to their learning.

 Learning is not taught but learned. As a teacher you can make or break it, being careful of every action which you take and  keeping in mind that children are observing you more than you are observing them. Teaching is not the only academy but beyond that, a safe and comfortable space where the child can be themselves which allows them to learn, explore, wonder, observe and then choose their path.  The path which helps them grow and develop. It helps in knowing and understanding the world. The experience should encourage them to research more with the choices.
 This profession has taught me that learning never stops and a good teacher has to be a willing learner. So Yes, I am a teacher, I care, I love, I play, I guide, I listen, I pamper kids. Yes, I am an awakener.