* From The Reflection Journal *

What are some points you will keep in mind?

What is that one technique/strategy you are excited to try?

  • Will try to be patient. 

  • Always keep myself in ones shoes and then react.

  • Be open-minded and mindful of the thoughts.

  • Give another person the chance to speak (let their ideas be put on the table.)

  • Revisiting the norms. 

  • Trying to be calm.

  • First, observe, hear out and then place your opinions.

  • Do not leave the conservation, you can also revisit.

  • Express yourself first, if that does not happen try again.

  • One technique I am excited to try would be -To ask the people about what they thought first before speaking and when he/she is talking I would want to listen to that person ( active listening ) not let my thoughts or next line/ what I have to say wonder within, these things should not happen.

  • Currently, I  can only think of this much, but for next time I know that I would be more mindful about the things around me when I am in a difficult situation.