* My journey developed as a teacher through

practice and mentoring *

As a teacher through practising and mentoring sessions, I  have understood the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher. It is very easy to say that I want to teach and I want to make a difference in someone's life, but it is more than that.

As a teacher you have to be mindful of your attitude and yourself more than anyone else, a teacher plays a very important role in the classroom. He / She creates a learner space, builds a learning environment. The environment has to be a willingness towards learning and not a forced one. As a teacher one has to be aware of each student and their understanding.

A teacher has to build a healthy relationship with the students and their families so that they can trust you, due to which it would be easier for you to understand the child and to make the learner's space. As a teacher, my mood, my thought process, my behaviour, my approach towards people and things can be observed by the student. It is important to remember that students are watching you. As a teacher what you say and what you do matter a lot. For example: If I ask the students to stop using plastic bags but I carry a plastic bag to school. This will not create a learning environment for the student. Show them a path and let them figure out their path, you are a guide, you can advise or give suggestions to the students to create a learner's space. A space which they enjoy and are not bored off.

Some of the points I have adopted as a teacher through practice and mentoring and also with the help of the reflecting

  • Students do not learner from people they do not like.

  •  Relationship building between teacher and student is essential.

  • Always listen before reacting.  

  • Always do what you say.