As an Observer 

Observations help you to connect and create an impact. It is an important skill set which one should adapt as a teacher. It is the first step towards learning. Even for the student and teacher to enhance critical and analytical thinking. As you observe, you reflect, you understand, and then apply to create a difference. The more you observe the more creative you get in your lesson planning. I learn every day to practice my observation skills and get an outcome from that. When I started observing and then started sharing about my observation, it helped in better understanding of the environment, the learner and as well as build a connection in between of theory classes. Also helped me in planning my lesson plan in a more effective way than general lesson planning. I keep every learner in mind before planning any lesson, which encouraged me to build and teach more than just the topics.
I see I think, I wonder were three best ways for me to observe and connect in the classroom. They helped me think beyond the classroom dialogue and also helped me to reflect on my work. It was like a bridge that connected physical learning to theory learning.
Observe what you see.
Do not create a cloud of judgments. You should analysis your observation.
Observation is not a one-day process.
The most important thing which I have learned so far is: Understanding is more important then just knowing the subject. They need to explore and then give an answer. The learner will always have the answer ready in their curiosity, as a teacher it is your job to just question them and let them come to the reasoning toward their curiosity and wonder.
When started observing I even started reflecting and learned more than just what I saw.

As I started observing the class, I was a bit confused about the math class and it was not related to the only number but beyond that. Kids were just introduced to the concept and left to explore, prior knowledge and their observation skills were tested to create a better understanding of the concept. One symbol can have a different meaning, for example: (+) it can be plus, addition increased, sum, more than.
Learners build real-life reconnection when math is not taught only through the language of numbers but also the connection in between those numbers as well. For example, a learner made a connection while teaching shape in math class with Alexa to cylindrical shape.
It is essential to create a base of math in a fun way not as we need. Math subject is not a problem but a very easy concept which I learned in Jodo Gyan. Shahji created a whole new perspective toward the teaching of math. Math does not always mean solving numbers.

Teaching of language

Miss Sonika and Hema taught us some of the most amazing insight in teaching of language and gave fruitful knowledge which should be practice in the schools more often then before. Teaching of language starts developing since early age as a teacher one should be mindful of the fact that small steps lead to the big picture. Practice in a planned manner is essential. Language is not only taught in the English class but in every topic. The vocabulary should be used wisely in each subject to enhance the language. Pre teaching of vocabulary, explain the meaning of the vocabulary and then start the whole concept. We should also ask the learner I know; I think, I wonder question as well to build on the lesson and enhance the students learning.