I always heard that teaching is such a noble profession but was not that aware and mindful about the journey to become a teacher. "With great curiosity and with the thought of exploring my boundaries - I took the first step towards becoming a teacher." As I took each step forward I found a new version of me- as a learner who is more self-aware and observant of her surroundings. I have been a teaching professional for 6 years before starting my journey with IAAT.  In the search of contributing something back to the community, which has shaped my life and my curiosity and instinct of exploring something new helped me join IAAT.

All the learning and teaching courses helped me in understanding the role of the teacher in a better way than ever did before. I started reflecting on a new version of myself. The girl who is more self-aware about herself and the surrounding in which she lives. The courses have not only helped me in my professional life but also in my personal life.

      In this pandemic where friends and family got apart. I found a full different world where a zoom meeting was more fun than Netflix. Each day was a different experience, a new beginning towards your calling. Learning something new, something different from someone in a fully different way.

A community that teaches you to give more and makes you realize that we all are sailing in the same boat so no matter what happens, learn to stand next to each other and share your experience and your learning which would help you and your community to grow and develop together.

There are a few lessons that I have learned from the courses which I will always remember and practice.

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes.

  • Go with the flow

  • It is ok to say I am not aware of this practical topic, let me get back at it.

  • Self-reflection, self-awareness is important.

  • Pause respond but do not react.

  • It is the journey of being a great teacher from a good teacher.